Seminar Objectives

First SSpS International JPIC Seminar

October 1-21, 2012, Steyl, Netherlands



“Jesus and the adulterous woman” (Jn. 8, 1-11)


“Choose life!”

Goals in the light of the 13th General Chapter:

  • To arrive at a deeper awareness that JPIC is a constitutive component of our missionary calling as SSpS;
  • To provide an integrated experience that will equip the participants to facilitate the incorporation of JPIC into the life and the mission of the provinces/regions.


  • To allow ourselves to be touched and affected by the realities of life, especially with the suffering as Jesus did;
  • To deepen our awareness that mysticism/contemplation and prophecy/action are integral dimensions of JPIC;
  • To deepen our knowledge of the biblical, ecclesial and congregational (Trinitarian) foundations of JPIC;
  • To respond creatively to the needs of our times in partnership with lay people, NGOs, and other institutions;
  • To work more closely with VIVAT International and AJSC.
  • To create an SSpS data bank of JPIC resources and connections, for mutual support and sharing.
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