The Closing Ceremony of the Seminar

October 21, 2012   World Mission Sunday

The First SSpS International JPIC Seminar closed at a high note, with expressions of joy and gratitude from all the participants, the organizing team, the service staff, and the Sisters community in the Mother House.  After three weeks of sharing experiences, exchanging information, and reflection on the various topics related to justice, peace, and integrity of creation, the time has come for each and everyone to express profound THANK YOU for all that has been these past several days.  It was indeed a moment of heartwarming celebration for the blessings of the seminar, held for the first time in the Congregation on the international level, with all the 44 SSpS Provinces and Regions in 48 countries represented.

Closing Session

Sr. Maria Theresia Hôrneman giving the Closing Remarks

Sr. Maria Theresia Hörnemann, the Congregational Leader, in her closing remarks, gave a word of thanks and encouragement to all the participants.  She enjoined everyone  to carry on the fruits of the seminar, making JPIC indeed a way of life for all the members of the Congregation.

Video of Sr. Maria Theresia’s Closing Remarks (click here)

Srs. Pauline Pereira and Judith Vallimont, on behalf of the Congregational Leadership Team, expressed special thanks, while Srs. Maria Theresia and Jessy George  gave some token, to those who worked behind the scene, who were “like angels” attentive to all the needs of the participants and took care of all the aspects of the Seminar —  food, accommodation, transportation, coordination, facilitation, translation, communication and secretariate.  All the selfless service were affirmed by the results of the evaluation, where the participants’ ratings ranged from “very good” to “excellent”.

Photos of the closing session…

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