Sr. Mary John talks about the importance of the seminar (click her photo to watch the video)

Sr. Carmen Elisa Bandeo, SSpS, the Congregation’s Mission Secretary and overall Coordinator of the Seminar, talks about the importance of this seminar for the Congregation and her dynamic view of JPIC.

For Sr. Carmen, promotion of justice, peace and integrity of creation is following the dream of St. Arnold Janssen and looking for new responses to the needs of today. (click her photo to watch the video)

Brother Brian McLauchlin,on behalf of the Society of the Divine Word, expresses his gratitude for the opportunity to participate in the seminar.  He also speaks about the relevance of the topics discussed during the three weeks, training JPIC promoters to act on the realities of our time.
For Brother Brian, it is very important to have a joint work between men and women for the mission, in particular, the Arnoldus Family working and collaborating in an integrated manner. (click his photo to watch the video)

SVD Participants

The Society of the Divine Word was represented at the seminar by their JPIC Zonal Coordinators:

  • Fr. Cherian Joseph Admakkeel of India, representing the ASPAC (Asia – Pacific)
  • Brother Peter van de Wiel, Netherlands, representing the European continent
  • Brother Brian McLauchlin of the United States, representing PANAM
  • Fr. Godéfroid Naniakweti Kiyangi of Congo, representing AFRAM (African continent)
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