Planning and Drafting of Statement

October 19, 2012

The Planning Process

Sr. Mary John Kudiyiuppil, SSpS, Seminar Facilitator

Sr. Mary John described how the participants will go about the planning.  So it happened that in small groups, mostly by mission country, the participants shared their individual JPIC Provincial Plan and came up with a General Plan.  This plan was then laid out in the continental groups, where, by exchanging ideas, each one is enriched and given some handles in developing her/his own synthesis to be shared later in one’s own province or region.  In the plenum, common elements identified during the continental exchange as well as observations on the different plans were presented as follows:

  • There are some contrasting differences among the plans because they are specific on the provinces and regions.
  • Coordinators are frequently replaced; information about the movement must be known on the continental level.
  • Considering the General Chapter in 2014, there might be some matters coming from this seminar that can be presented and addressed in the Congregational level.
  • There is a great tendency for JPIC promoters to become workaholics
  • Numerous meetings
  • More than work, one should pay attention to the self; consciousness raising is necessary not only among the communities but within oneself as well.
  • It is important to live and share the heritage bequeathed by our Founder.
  • We are often carried away by activities; integration is important in order to sustain quality response.
  • Share our experiences with other members of our own communities.
  • Touched by “being a promoter”.  It is a challenge and a responsibility for personal conversion and building credibility.   To promote is also to live.

Fr. Francisco O’Conaire, OFM, Seminar Facilitator

A suggestion was made to develop a Job Description for JPIC Coordinators.  Fr. Francisco affirmed that such job description can facilitate a smooth flow of work and information on the provincial/regional and continental levels.  He posed a warning, however,  on the danger of activism.  He emphasized the need to care for oneself and give attention to the different areas of one’s life.  In the face of seemingly endless need to respond to people and situations, we have to remember that we are not the messiahs. To counteract activism, it helps now and then to  step back and spend some time to be alone.  Silence is indispensable to know oneself and discern God’s movement and will.

After the plans were all presented, the following commonalities were observed:

  • networking
  • prayer dimension
  • integration of JPIC in community prayers
  • formation
  • communication
  • blog
  • meetings at continental level

These are all possibilities, but we need to choose only a few, to start with, make a time line, evaluate, and then move on to the next.

Fr. Francisco shared a list of printed and web publications that are rich in information and resource materials on JPIC work.

Document on Resources: JPIC USG/UISG Publications (click here)


The Statement

The revised draft of the Statement was presented to the plenum for approval. Sr. Mary John described the process undertaken by the members of the drafting committee – Srs. Rose Therese, Claire and Joy Mary.   They tried to incorporate most of the suggestions that came from the continental groups. The basic structure of the Statement as drafted is of narrative style.  It contains inputs, insights, pledge, and conclusion.

After Sr. Joy Mary read the Statement, the participants were given few minutes to discuss by table.  When they returned to the plenum, there was a short discussion, before arriving at a consensus, on making a “commitment”, and not just a “recommendation”  Then finally, Sr. Mary John asked, “Do we fundamentally agree to this Statement?”.  The plenum responded affirmatively.  Thus, the Statement of the First SSpS International JPIC Seminar was approved with minor revision.

The members of the Drafting Committee were commended and applauded for the job well done . On the other hand, Sr. Mary John strongly encouraged the participants to have the statement not merely on paper but etched in theirs heart and to bring it to life.

Photos of the planning process…

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