Personal Reflection

October 18, 2012

To summarize the activities of the remaining three days of the seminar, Sr. Mary John (facilitator) first quoted Jesus saying:  “You shall know them by their fruits”, then described to the participants what the organizing team considers as three types of “fruits” (for the remaining days of the seminar):

  1. Understand — reviewing and finalizing the Statement
  2. Act — planning individually
  3. Animate — preparing a 15-minute presentation for their respective province or region

Sr. Zelia Cordeiro, SSpS

As a response to the participants’ inquiry on how they can work closely with VIVAT, Sr. Zelia and Fr. Felix took the floor once again.  Sr. Zelia showed a moving and inspiring video song by Beyoncé entitled “I WAS HERE” (click here),  sung on the occasion of World Humanitarian day last 19 August 2012 at the UN General Assembly.  Fr. Felix presented “11 Practical Ways to be Part of VIVAT”:

  1. Learn
  2. Celebrate UN Days
  3. Respond to surveys on relevant issues
  4. Fr. Felix Jones, SVD

    Participate in Special Rapporteur’s visits

  5. Participate /Contribute  in CEDAW Reviews
  6. Participate/ Contribute in UPR
  7. Network with other organizations including UN agencies (UNDP, UN WOMEN, UNICEF UNAIDS, etc) and VIVAT members in your country and other countries
  8. Get to know laws related to issues you deal with
  9. Annual Report
  10. Internship – *See guidelines in VIVAT’s website:
  11. VIVAT Publications:
    • Use the manual “VIVAT is Yours” in your community  (available 4 languages)
    • Booklet – Prayer reflection for Advent 2012
    • Contribute to our newsletter
    • Pass on information

Important events and dates to remember:

  • The first UN conference on indigenous issues in 2014.
  • Conference on the issue of women in 2015.

On behalf of all the member congregations of VIVAT,  Sr. Maria Theresia, being VIVAT’s current President, thanked Sr. Zelia and Fr. Felix, acknowledging the work they have been doing with great passion.

The rest of the morning was spent in personal reflection, dwelling particularly on individual plans and presentations.

Afternoon sessions — 

Review of the Statement

The Statement, which was drafted by a committee composed of Srs. Rose Therese, Claire and Joy Mary, was presented to the plenum.  The participants were given time to review it, first individually, then by continental groups.  Comments and suggestions were submitted to the committee for revision.

Provincial JPIC Plan

Fr. Francisco (facilitator) presented some guidelines on preparing a Provincial JPIC Plan. The framework of the plan takes into account the vision for the province, the possible obstacles in the realization of this vision, and the concrete actions to be taken to overcome the obstacles.

Main Task of a JPIC Animator

As SSpS JPIC animators, our main task is to help incorporate JPIC into the LIFE (community) and MISSION (ministries) of the SSpS.  Fr. Francisco pointed out that while JPIC values are promoted on the Congregational level, the living-out and concretization of these values, on the other hand, are done on the Provincial level.  To ensure that JPIC becomes an integral part of our life and mission, we also need to have formators who are imbued with such values.  Integration of JPIC, from the examples given by Sr. Filo Hirota (one of our speakers), does not mean taking on additional work; it means doing an assigned ministry from this perspective.

Before closing the session Fr. Francisco gave some information regarding useful resource materials:

  • A Formation Itinerary for a Prophetic Religious Life
  • Prayers prepared by the JPIC commission in Rome
  • Working document for JPIC Animators – Guidelines worked out for the OFM
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  1. Sr. Donna Webber SSpS

     /  October 19, 2012

    Thank you for the ability to stay in touch with the JPIC activities!


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