The Trinity and Commitment to JPIC

October 8, 2012

Fr. Antonio Pates, SVD

Fr. Antonio Pates, SVD was born in Bohol, Philippines. He was missionary in Brazil for 15 years.  He is the founding father of the Arnold Janssen Spirituality Center and served as Director of SVD tertiate programmes.  He is currently Director of Nemi International Courses.  Above all, he sees his deepest identity as a Christian Disciple.

Fr. Tony shared about “The Trinity as the Source and Model of Our Commitment to JPIC”.  To deepen our relationship with the Triune God, he led the whole group to a day of silence and recollection as a contemplative journey of our participation in the mission of the Triune God.

The whole day was a celebration of the Holy Eucharist.  The morning started with the Liturgy of the Word and the afternoon ended with Liturgy of the Eucharist.  In between was reflection on the Trinity and one’s commitment to JPIC.

Reflection Sessions…

The reflection/meditation began with the twofold flow of the journey:

  1. The Objective Dimension – The Story of Jesus – a contemplation on Jesus.  Our way to the Mystery of the  Trinity is Jesus.
  2. Inner  Dimension – Personal Story – a spiritual journey  where the Sisters are to focus and  to deepen our  personal  SSpS vowed identity as disciples  of Jesus called to share his mission of the Kingdom in our commitment to JPIC.

To connect oneself with one’s spiritual reality, the following were presented as points for reflection:

  • What is the root and foundation of my vowed  identity?
  • How do my vows deepen the foundation of my vowed identity?
  • Being rooted and grounded in the One and Triune God how does the Trinity see me and how do I see myself in relation to the Trinity?  Who am I in relation to the Trinity?
  • Being rooted and grounded in the communion of the Triune God – what are the core  gospels values  that  shape my ‘personal ethos ‘ for mission?
  • How is my rootedness in the Triune God shaping my vowed identity in its four dimensions for mission?

Being poor as Jesus means that God is the only absolute in my life.  To be chaste like Jesus is to be loved unconditionally by God and to love others in the same way.  And to be obedient like Jesus means that God’s Kingdom is the direction of my life.

Powerpoint on the Trinity (click here)

Connecting oneself with the Jesus’ story dwelt on two areas:

  1. Jesus sharing his experience of God
  2. Jesus proclaiming God’s dream for all and for whole of creation – Kingdom of God

Reflection continues…

Jesus became aware of his being the beloved son.  Am I aware of who I am? What is my affective and spiritual relationship with Jesus?  The experience of being loved is unique to each person.

Powerpoint on Jesus Abba and Spirit (click here)

The fundamental structure of our life – psychological, emotional and spiritual – is manifested in intra-personal (self sense of wholeness and integration), interpersonal (relationships with others) and transpersonal (sense of mission and commitment to life).

How do I interact with myself?  Do I have a positive self-esteem or self-worth?  Are negative experiences or broken relationships still affecting my life and commitment? Are there other aspects that are screaming inside me to be integrated?

“For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of  food and drink,  but of JUSTICE and  PEACE and JOY in the Holy Spirit.”  (Rom 14,17)

“To know me is to defend the cause of the poor and the needy.” (Jer 22,16)

Powerpoint on the Kingdom of God (click here)

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