New Cosmology

October 5-6, 2012

Sr. Elly Verrijt, MMS

Upholding the integrity of creation is not only an integral part of JPIC, but the greatest need of the world today in the face of climate change and the risks that the future presents as consequence of excessive exploitation of our planet earth. This is the compelling reason for New Cosmology as presented by Sr. Elly Verrijt, MMS (Medical Mission Sisters).

Sr. Elly opened the session with soul stirring questions…

  • “What was in the mind of God when He created everything?”
  • “If there is one thing that should be preserved in the whole of creation, what do you think should it be?”

How we look at the world and understand our place in the world determine very much how we live, what motivates and drives us, and how we understand our mission.

We live in a dying planet.  We have unleashed a vast devastation of the earth.  We begin again to realize the beauty of our planet.  We need to realize that we do not have the earth we think we have.  The earth has changed in ways we cannot undo anymore.  We have entered, it seems, in a period of final destruction.

Thomas Berry:  “ the glory of the human has become the desolation of the earth and the desolation of the earth has become the destiny of humans.”

Albert Einstein:  “We cannot solve the problems with the same consciousness that created them.”

We are all interconnected

Each participant was invited to connect to her/his homeland – the water and soil of the place where she/he was born. Then she presented the reality of interconnectedness that binds all beings on Planet Earth – human beings to each other, to other beings and to the entire Universe.

The Challenge and Call

  • Being in the midst of destruction is simultaneously a moment of profound creativity.
  • We come from one source; it does not matter what color we are or where we are, we all have a responsibility to the earth.
  • God had  a lot of patience in unfolding the universe. We cannot give up on persons. Transformation is a process.
  • We cannot really find the words for the mystery that is in all of this reality.  It goes beyond our imagination.  It calls us to worship God.

Presentations for the day:

Powerpoint on Functional Cosmology (click here)

Video on The Awakening of the Universe (click here)

Power point on The Journey of the Universe (click here)

Photos of participants during the plenary and the ritual and  holy mass…

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